Our abalone in the news!

Our ocean acidification work on red abalone at BML featured on NBC news.

Nice job Sara and Dan!

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Presentation award to Lisa Cohen

Congratulations to Lisa Cohen! – she won a presentation award for “Reassembling 600+ marine transcriptomes: automated pipeline development and evaluation” at yesterday’s MCIP colloquium. Nice job Lisa!!!

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Two new papers just out

Our review article on evolutionary rescue from pollution, with examples from the killifish system:

Whitehead, A., B.W. Clark, M.E. Hahn, and D. Nacci (in press). When evolution is the solution to pollution: Key principles, and lessons from rapid repeated adaptation of killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) populations. Evolutionary Applications.

Killifish genome release manuscript, with detailed analysis of the nature of genetic variation within a population of this highly heterozygous species:

Reid, N.M., C.E. Jackson, D. Gilbert, P. Minx, M.J. Montague, T.H. Hampton, L.W. Helfrich, B.L. King, D. Nacci, N. Aluru, S.I. Karchner, J.K. Colbourne, M.E. Hahn, J.R. Shaw, M.F. Oleksiak, D.L. Crawford, W.C. Warren, and A. Whitehead (in press). The Atlantic killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) genome and the landscape of genome variation within a population. Genome Biology & Evolution.

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Our research on SNL?

Forwarded to me by Dan Schlenk: This sketch on SNL two days after our paper on killifish adaptation to environmental pollution comes out. Coincidence?

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New Paper out

Our new paper on the population genomics underlying rapid parallel adaptation to extreme environmental pollution in killifish – is now out:

Reid, N.M., D.A. Proestou, B.W. Clark, W.C. Warren, J.K. Colbourne, J.R. Shaw, S.I. Karchner, D.L. Crawford, M.F. Oleksiak, M.E. Hahn, D. Nacci, and A. Whitehead (2016). The genomic landscape of rapid repeated evolutionary adaptation to toxic pollution in wild fish. Science, 354(6317), 1305-1308. Full text (including full access to main article and supplement).

It has received some nice press:

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Presentation at the Tahoe Environmental Research Center

Andrew will be giving a public presentation at the Tahoe Environmental Research Center on Thursday December 8th (5:30 to 7:00 PM) on the importance of genetic variation in wild species as we think about how species will change in response to climate change. Link to TERC Events. Flyer for this talk.

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New Grant!

The Whitehead lab was just awarded a new 5-year grant to study how oil exposures and pathogen exposures may interact to affect fish health. This study may shed insights into the contributions of the Exxon Valdez oil spill and pathogen stress to the massive 1993 collapse of the herring fishery in Prince William Sound, Alaska. The project will involve laboratory challenge experiments, using comparative physiology, immunology, and transcriptomics, to discover causes and consequences of oil + pathogen interactions. We will also sequence/assemble/annotate a reference genome for Pacific herring, and track population genetic change through time, dating from the Exxon Valdez spill to current day, to illuminate how the spill and collapse affected genetic diversity within Prince William Sound compared to another Alaska population that was not exposed to oil and did not collapse. This work is in collaboration with Paul Hershberger (USGS). We will also partner with Nat Scholz and John Incardona (NOAA). The study is funded by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustees Council.

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